Struggles of speaking and potty training.

My oldest son, Armando, is turning three very soon and I am freaking out over the fact that he does not want to speak or potty train.

Of course he says the minimum. Just enough to get by, and trust me, I try my best to help him but he gets shy after learning a new word and won’t say it again for weeks.

I am bilingual, I speak spanish and english. I, however, speak to him spanish to better help him grasp the language. Both my husband and I use it and so does his baby sitter (my very own mommy).

I have been using a strategy, and it has worked somewhat. Instead of paying attention when he pulls at my shirt, I wait until he says “mama”. When he wants something I play dumb and ask him to tell me what he wants.

I ask him to do small things around the house like pick up his toys, put groceries away, clean the table, anything thats safe for him to do I’ll ask him. I know this makes him feel like the big boy.

When I am home alone with them, I talk to them as if I would with anyone else. I converse with them all day (even if I get no answers).

Another big thing has been potty train. When he goes number two in his diaper I let him know that poop goes in the toilet. He quickly answers (with his one out of ten words) “no”.

His brother, Richard, turning two soon, knows the same amount of words. When he learns a new thing he will say it non stop for the first day. Eventually Armando picks it up too.

I have tried a combination of everything and although the change is small I think we are getting somewhere.

I guess I should enjoy their silence while it lasts! Once I get them talking it will not stop!

Let me know what obstacles you went/are going through with your little one!

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