Toddlers vs Hubby

On a sunny afternoon, while pregnant with my first, after enjoying a walk in the park with my Hubby he asked if I would love the baby more than him…?

How do you answer?

Well I told him that it is different kind of love. You don’t love a son like you love your spouse. You love them for similar but not the same reasons.

See, not too long after getting married we brought a child into this world. We did not get enough time to enjoy on our own. It has been so difficult to maintain a balance between the three of them.

Don’t get me wrong, my husband is very helpful, understanding, and patient. But I know he needs me too.

Since my mom is our baby sitter I can’t ask her to watch my babies to go out, she already spends so much time with them.

I only have a one couples-friends they do not have any kids but love mine like their own. So we usually do things at my house. But if I ever want to go out I go out with my girl friends, my hubby stays home and vise versa.

This had been working well but we want to visit more places together. So I recently began reaching out to old close friends who have kids around my kids age. I offered to baby sit if they ever want to go out with their hubby and they made the same offer.

At the end of the day my husband and I always remind each other that we need to enjoy our little ones. They will grow and soon we will have the opportunity to enjoy other things.

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