Hi, I’m Luna!
    I am a young parent of two wonderful toddler boys,  a full time employee,  a wife, and I finally decided to follow my dream of becoming a blogger and writer!
    For me it all started too quickly. I graduated a year early. Short after, while making wedding plans, I got pregnant and married my high school sweetheart.
    I gave birth to my first baby in summer of 2015. Two months after I was surprised with yet another positive pregnancy test, followed by (yes you guess it!) a second baby in summer of 2016.
    All meanwhile I got a great job with a small financial institution as a teller. I have transitioned into a services representative as of a year ago and still loving it. It has given me the opportunity to learn and grow professionally.
    I have always dreamt about becoming a writer and blogger. However I had never made the time to really sit down and figure out how to make it happen. I realized that I have not invested in my career and it was time to do so.
    Being a mother is indescribable, it has brought out a different person in me. I adore my kiddos with all I’ve got, but being a mother should not make you put off the things you love. And here is why I am finally here today. I want to us to help each other get through and enjoy both the happy days and the bad days.
    Are you ready?