All women must have these 10 pairs of shoes in their closet.

  1. Black pumps
  2. Ballet flats
  3. Leather sandals
  4. White canvas sneakers
  5. Peep-toe
  6. Black riding boots
  7. Booties
  8. Wedges
  9. Sandal Heels
  10. Running sneakers

It is also very effective to have some printed shoes to make your outfits pop without trying to hard.

It takes time and effort to go out in search of new shoes, but if you try to keep a pair of each on this list, you will feel as if you have all the shoes you need. But don’t limit yourself, I know you love shoes as much as I do. If you ever, by luck, spot a pair of shoes that you absolutely LOVE then do not pass up the opportunity. Chances are that if you don’t buy them you will hate yourself for it.